The “If Martha Stewart Was A Runner” Wreath

Wreath To Celebrate Half Marathon

It’s Christmas time for the girl who just completed her first half-marathon!

What better way to celebrate than to create a “Runner’s Wreath” for the front door? I had a lot of fun putting this together. I’m not sure that it is entirely “Martha-worthy” but it does make me smile as I come in the door.

Let’s take a look at the individual elements.

Gold Running Trophy

One of my favorite creative elements is the top of a racing trophy. I went to our local thrift store, and purchased a running trophy for 35 cents. What a bargain! I also purchased 5 of these small blown heart ornaments for 5 cents each. (I know – you want to know the address of this thrift store, don’t you?) I had some glittery, puffy, stick-on letters at the house from one of the kids projects, and so I stuck those onto 3 of the hearts with “13.1,” “go,” and “run.”

Shoelace Bow for Wreath

At our local dollar store (OK, it’s actually a $1.09 store – inflation!), I picked up a pack of 6 pair of white shoelaces. I pulled 4 or 5 of those together to create a large white bow. I have a plastic banana that I snagged from a kids’ kitchen set. I created the Finish Line ornament using a wooden craft ornament (25 cents at Hobby Lobby), and used spray adhesive to put glittery scrapbook paper on it. I purchased a three-dimensional scrapbook sticker set ($4-$5 at Michael’s) and stuck the Finish Line sticker on the ornament.

Small Racing Bib

I did the same thing with the “run mama” ornament. The words “Run Mama” are in my blog logo, and I wanted to include them in the wreath. I used the same glittery letters that I used on the hearts.

I wanted to include race bibs, but they were too large for a wreath. So, I took them to my local copy shop. There, we reduced them via color copy, and then I had them laminated and cut out to be used as ornaments. I can think of a lot of possibilities for this.

Miniature Racing Bibs

Here’s what the bibs looked like after laminating at the copy shop. This was inexpensive – only $3.75.

Ozarka Water Bottle and Banana

I picked up some small Ozarka water bottles and put blue tissue paper inside them to represent water. If I had this to do over again I would use blue cellophane wrap inside the bottles so that the blue was less intense. I didn’t have any on hand, and didn’t want to spend $5 for the inside of the water bottle.

If you look closely at the photo above, you may also see a garland of safety pins all linked together. This was one of my favorite creative ideas. However, in the end, they weren’t really visible. That’s something to think about for the future improvements to this wreath.

Center of Runner's Wreath

My favorite part of the wreath is my finisher’s medal hanging in the middle of the wreath. The medal is a spinner; the shoe in the middle spins around. I like the way it works in the middle of the wreath.

Altogether, this was a fairly inexpensive project (not counting the hours of training for the half-marathon!).

Trophy: $0.35
Hearts: $0.15
Shoelaces: $1.09
Ornaments: $0.50
Race Stickers: $4.95
Bibs: $3.75

Total: $10.79

Have you decorated a tree or wreath with running related items? I’d love to see it! Send me a picture at and I’ll feature it in my blog post on Thursday.

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