The Wearing Of The Green – On Race Day

Leprechan clover green

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. And this weekend is THE weekend of celebrating and running St. Patrick’s Day themed races. Joy!

Although my community is not having any St. Patrick’s Day races (sniff, sniff), I thought I’d share my race costume thoughts with you if I did have a St. Patrick’s race to go to! There seem to be two options – all green or leprechaun.

Just Go Green

3 cute runners at St. Patrick's race

I love these three matching outfits, complete with red hair wigs. Looks like fun – but wow, can you keep a wig on during a 5K? Not sure I could keep it on! (source)

Green racers

Cute, simple. Again, wigs – but super cute! (source)

My Grams Rock

Again, fun and simple. Love their matching shirts that were clearly made for the race. (source)


St. Patrick's Day Race

Hey, look! A “Solid Gold Dancer!” (OK – you have to be a child of the 1970’s to get that joke!) Possibly my favorite St. Patrick’s Day race outfit. And, you could probably get your cauldron at a post-Halloween clearance sale. This one from my friend Jill at Best Race Costumes. Have you followed her yet? Oh my goodness – go do that right now! I’ll wait.

Race costumes for St. Patrick's Day

Great costumes and wow – great energy crossing the finish line here! I wonder how many beers are bought for you post-race when you wear a Leprechaun costume? (source)

Tie for Two Favorite Leprechaun Costumes

St. Patrick's Day Race Costumes

Even the spectators can get in on the fun of a St. Patrick’s Day race! (source)

Sexy Man Leprechaun Costume

I wouldn’t mind running near this leprechaun, would you?

Have a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and if you race in a St. Patrick’s Day race, send me some pictures of your costume, and what you see on the course!

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  1. Shelley B says:

    I wish we had a St. Patty’s Day race in town – there’s nothing going on this weekend, so it’s obviously an untapped market. What say you – we should start one for next year!

    • admin says:

      I love the idea, Shelley! I think no one plans things in our town when it is spring break season – but I think there are plenty of runners in town to run a St. Paddy’s Day race! We could even get the Irish Pub downtown and Carney’s to help sponsor! :)

  2. Thanks for cute pictures (green). Fun.
    I want to log my run:Wednesday 3-13-70
    minutes-headwinds-Miller-Pace l7-
    4 miles. Also, yesterday, 3-l2- I went
    to Basket Slough(spelling) w/ a friend.
    We walked and hiked l mile. It was a pretty
    day. I had not been there before. Lots of
    pretty hills. Elaine Stewart

  3. Jill says:

    Thanks again, Friend, for the kind words!
    I have another St. Paddy’s Day costume scheduled on the site for Friday.


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